Commencement Marshal Position Description

The following descriptions provide an overview of the marshal duties in each general area. You will be assigned a specific duty, under the leadership of a marshal coordinator, within these areas.

Indoor Marshals

Where: Inside St. Ignatius Church

 There is usually the largest amount of need for indoor marshals

Duties in this area include:

  • Handing out programs
  • Helping guests to their seats
  • Identifying empty seats for guests
  • Making sure guests of the platform party (administrators, faculty, student speakers) are seated in the appropriate reserved section
  • Helping guests with mobility issues/special needs find the appropriate reserved seating area
  • Directing guests to the restrooms and handing out re-entry tickets
  • Making sure the processions in and out of the church run smoothly
  • Distributing programs on the pews for the next ceremony

Outdoor Marshals

Where: Outside St. Ignatius Church/church foyer

There is a large amount of need for outdoor marshals

Duties in this area include:

  • Pointing early arriving guests to the appropriate line
  • Keeping the guest line orderly before the church opens
  • Taking guest tickets
  • Stopping taxis and cars from parking in front of the church
  • Collecting extra/unused tickets
  • Assisting guests who lost or do not have tickets

Faculty/Platform Party Marshals

Where: Fromm Institute

 There is a moderate amount of need for faculty/platform party marshals

Duties in this area include:

  • Helping faculty and platform party (administrators, speakers) put on regalia
  • Organizing faculty and platform party in the correct order for the procession
  • Watching faculty and platform party belongings while ceremony is in session

Student Preparation Marshals

Where: Gleeson Library Atrium and Patio

There is a low to moderate amount of need for student preparation marshals

Duties in this area include:

  • Helping students put on regalia
  • Making sure all students have name cards (the cards used on stage by the announcer)
  • Getting students in line for the procession