Migration, Borders and Transnational Communities in Puebla, Mexico

  • Where: Puebla, Mexico.
  • When: Spring Break.
  • How Much: $850 (flights not included)
  • Host: Ibero Puebla.
  • Topic: Migration, Borders and Transnational Communities.

Students travel to Puebla, Mexico and visit with immigrants on journeys along the migration routes throughout Mexico. The immersion is done in collaboration with the Ibero Puebla, taking advantage of their respected faculty and long-standing ties with local communities. During the immersion students will visit local community centers and meet children and families displaced by economic injustices inside of Mexico. The focus of the program is to gain a deeper understanding of the lives and experiences of immigrants in transit, internally displaced people and those living in the communities through which they travel and leave. 

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Today we went to Ibero University and talked about what we knew of migration. Then we had a brief lecture to flesh out some of our ideas. We hope to learn more throughout the week and be able to expand and add to the ideas pictured here.


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While at the shelter we had the pleasure of speaking to Osmin - He is a migrant from Honduras who is at the shelter currently and on his second trip. He was very open with us and we were appreciative of all the anecdotes he shared with us.


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This is Leo. His home was also affected by the earthquake and he is on a committee in his community for reconstruction. He opened his home to us and let us eat lunch there. His mother and aunt cooked for us and made a delicious mole and homemade tortillas. Gracias Leonardo!