New Hires: Full-Time

New Hire Paperwork

In order to access most University services and benefits, you must first complete your new hire paperwork.

For resources please visit the Information for New Faculty and Staff page.

I-9 Employment Eligibility form

Please complete your I-9 Employment Eligibility form and other new hire paperwork as soon as possible, and no later than your first day of work. If the paperwork is not submitted to Human Resources in a timely manner, your employment may be terminated.

The form is available on the Information for New Faculty and Staff page.

University Email & ID Card

USF Login and Email

Human Resources will send you an email with login instructions to access myUSF, email, Canvas, and other online services. This email is automatically generated 90 days before your start date.

ID Card

In order to receive your ID card and physical access to campus buildings, you must turn in your new hire paperwork to Human Resources.

Orientation Events

Visit HR's Employment & Benefits Orientations page.

Save the Date

You will receive a save-the-date email with more dates and details in June.


Purchasing Card and Concur Travel and Expense

USF uses the Concur system to Reimbursement faculty

Training is required, for instructions please visit the Concur Training page.

Rent and Relocation Reimbursement

Please visit Human Resource's Rent and Relocation Reimbursement Procedures for USFFA Faculty page.

Within one year of the first day of full-time employment, create an expense report in Concur using "Relocation" and your name as the title to ensure Human Resources covers your eligible moving expenses, instead of your departmental fund.


Benefits Orientation

To ensure timely processing, please be sure to complete all benefits paperwork no later than 30 days after your start date.


Office and Equipment

Office space is assigned by the Dean's Office. Your Associate Dean's assistant will contact you about your office space before classes start and the Department Program Assistant will provide you with access to your office (either with your ID card or keys) and other department offices.

When do I get access to office space?

On the first day of New Faculty Orientation.


You will be assigned a phone extension; this information will be given to you by your Associate Dean's assistant.

To get an outside line, dial "9" and then the number.

Voice Mail - internal access

  1. dialing 3333 or pressing the "Message" key
  2. press # followed by *
  3. enter your extension number
  4. enter your security code, which is your extension followed by 00 (e.g., extension 1111's security code would be 111100)

Once you're in the voicemail system, please reset this security code to something different than the default.

Voice Mail - external access

  1. call (415) 422-3333
  2. press *
  3. Enter your extension number and your security code


To view your options please visit the ITS Quick Start page.

After reviewing the standards, please contact the Office of Operations at with your preference for a Mac or PC and laptop or desktop.
Please note, for some one-year appointments, laptops will not be issued.

It takes 6 to 8 weeks for computer orders to be processed. Please submit your order ASAP to ensure timely receipt.

Other Supplies

Check with your department program assistant for more information about:

  • Office Supplies
  • Book Ordering
  • Photocopying