Funding Cycles

Current cycles

There are currently two funding cycles, one in the Fall (typically with an October deadline) and one in Spring (typically with a February deadline).

Out-of-cycle funding

Due to the increasing number and complexity of applications, requests outside of the regular funding cycles will only be considered on a case-by-case basis in true emergencies, such as an unanticipated research opportunity or deadline, or when it’s clear that the FDF Committee made an error in accounting. Faculty can contact the FDF Committee Co-chairs to request emergency out-of-cycle consideration. The co-chairs cannot overturn a denial by the FDF Committee, however, and applicants are encouraged to revise and resubmit denied applications in the following cycle.

Post-cycle adjustments and spending

According to the CBA, “Failure to use FDF for the stated purpose shall obligate the Association member to reimburse the FDF in full.” If funds are not needed for the purpose for which they are awarded, the faculty member should notify the FDF Co-chairs that the funds can be returned to the FDF. However, within a particular project and with approval from the CAS Office of Operations, fund usage may be adjusted (e.g., less money spent on hotel and more on airfare) as long as this does not lead to exceeding the original award amount.

Faculty are responsible for keeping track of spending from and balances within their FDF research accounts. Overspending may negatively affect future FDF applications.