University Support

For more information about support for research and creative activities from other areas of the university please visit the CRASE website.

External Sources

Get help from the experts! The Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) helps USF faculty and staff secure and manage federal, state, and local funding for research and institutional contracts and grants.

Applying for a Grant

If you decide to apply for a research grant, you will complete the Intent to Apply form, which is sent to the Dean’s Office and the OCG. A process begins that involves the Principal Investigator (PI), the Associate Dean or Dean, and the OCG. The process is faster if the PI has met informally with the Associate Dean about support issues, such as cost sharing, dedicated research space, and course buy-outs.

Publicizing Your Work

The Office of Media Relations

  • Invites faculty members to join their roster of experts
  • Offers media training to prepare faculty for successful print, broadcast and on-line interviews
  • Works directly with reporters (locally, nationally, and internationally) to provide them with academic experts and story ideas.

Please contact the Office of Media Relations to become a faculty expert and to keep them posted on your research.

Research Methodologies and Statistics

Want to learn more about best practices in research methodologies on your own?

CARMA: Center for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis provides web casts and a video library and discounts on short courses, on the topic of research methodologies for all subject disciplines as well as technical support for statistical software. CARMA can be used both as a tool for consultation and continuing education. The Gleeson Library - Geschke Center’s subscription to this service makes it available to faculty.

Need to get SPSS onto your computer?

Contact ITS. Packages may also be purchased through the Faculty Development Fund.