When do I need to see an adviser and why?

You adviser will help you navigate the Politics major and your career at USF (and beyond). After completing you Introductory Sequence (POLS100 & POLS110, 8 units), you will need to choose two 200-level classes (8 units) and one concentration (16 units): The Politics of Transformation (POLT), The Politics of Governance (POLG), or The Politics of Law and Justice (POLJ). These components, along with two elective courses and a Politics Service Learning (SL) course, make up the 44 units needed for the major.

  • Consulting with an adviser at least once a semester will ensure that you stay on track to graduate and meet all the requirements of the major and USF.
  • You must meet with your adviser before you can register for classes for the next semester – they are the only person who can lift your Advising Hold, so make sure you plan ahead!

Who is my faculty adviser?

As a Politics major, your adviser will change as you move through the major:

  • Initially, you will be talking to our First-Year Adviser (Prof. Kessler-Mata, KA249) or one of your Introductory Sequence professors (Prof. McBride, KA279 or Prof. Paller, KA247).
  • Once you have chosen your concentration, you will be assigned an adviser for POLT (Prof. Coll, KA236), POLG (Prof. Paller, KA247), or POLJ (Prof. Kessler-Mata, KA249).
  • If you are a new transfer student or are close to graduation, your adviser is the Department Chair, Professor Wibben (KA218).

Additionally, you might have an adviser for your minor. To see who your adviser is, you can check the Student menu on myUSF.

When and how can I make an appointment with my faculty adviser?

After you have reviewed your Degree Evaluation in the Student menu on myUSF and have filled in your Four- Year Plan (available from the Department), you can check in with your faculty adviser. Some Politics professors have open office hours, others prefer you to make an appointment – you can find general information on the scheduling page, but it is up to you to familiarize yourself with the practices of your adviser.

How can I prepare for my faculty advising appointment?

  • Review your Degree Evaluation (access via the myUSF Student Self Service > Student Records)
  • Review all necessary information (e.g. Politics Degree requirements) on the USF website.
  • Fill in your “Four-Year Plan” as far as you are able; don’t forget the Politics Major Checklist on the back.
  • Have specific questions ready for your faculty adviser; e.g.
    • “This is the list of classes I have chosen for next semester, am I on the right track?” or o “I am thinking of adding a minor, what can you tell me about XYZ?”
    • “I want to do get involved on campus/ city politics, where do I start?”
    • “I want to graduate with Honors in Politics, what do I need to do?”

Find additional Politics advising on the department page.