Academic Advising

One of the unique features of the undergraduate teacher education programs is the high level of advising provided for every student.

Each student will be assigned a UTEC adviser, in addition to their Major Adviser and Academic Coach, to provide support in navigating through UTEC programs. Advisers are assigned to students based on their majors. An advising session is required at least once every semester. In addition, students can meet with their advisers at any time during the semester by making an appointment.

Current USF Students

All UTEC students have advising holds placed on their registration before advising begins. The hold is lifted after the UTEC advising session has been accomplished. There may be requirements, in addition to attending an advising session, which need to be fulfilled before the UTEC hold can be lifted. All conditions are explained during advising. Not having the advising hold lifted before the first day of registration renders a UTEC student unable to take advantage of priority registration, which can have a negative impact on a student’s schedule.

Upon the conclusion of advising, students are given a course plan for the upcoming semester. This course plan has information that is necessary for registration. Students will receive a copy of the course plan from their adviser.

IMPORTANT: Changes to the proposed schedule need to be discussed with a UTEC adviser prior to being implemented. Changing, adding or dropping particular classes may have unforeseen negative implications on future semesters.

Studying Abroad

Dual Degree in Teacher Preparation program participants interested in studying abroad must notify their UTEC adviser well in advance in order to ensure that this aligns with timely completion of the program. Your UTEC adviser will help you determine whether or not studying abroad is possible.

IMPORTANT: Students in the 4-year BA credential program are not able to study abroad based on their completion timeline. Contact your UTEC adviser if you have any interest in studying abroad.