XARTS Network Drive

Public → Drop Box Folder

Anyone with an XARTS Labs account can deposit files in your "Drop Box" folder, a special folder that's inside your "Public" folder on your network drive. They can't, however, view or modify the contents of this folder. See the XARTS Labs FAQ to learn how to access another user's home folder and deposit files in their Drop Box folder.

TIP: You can create additional drop box folders by using XARTS Drop Box Maker, a utility located inside the Applications → Utilities folder on every lab computer.

"Sites" Folder

This folder can serve as the root folder, a.k.a. top-level folder, for a website. Any website in this folder is viewable by any web browser on any computer inside or outside of XARTS. The URL for your "Sites" folder is…


…where username is your XARTS Lab account user name and the symbol before it is a "tilde" i.e. the shift-character on the accent symbol key [ ` ] to the left of the [ 1 ] key on a standard keyboard.

The filename for your site's home page must be index.htm, index.html, or index.php.

SFTP Access

You can use SFTP to access your network drive from a Mac or Windows computer outside XARTS. To do so, you'll need an FTP application, also known as an "FTP client," that supports the SFTP protocol. (The "S" in SFTP stands for "Secure.")

Cyberduck, Fugu, Transmit, and Fetch are some popular FTP clients for MAC that support SFTP. Full-time faculty and staff may request Fetch from ITS at itshelp@usfca.edu or x6668. Students can apply for a free Fetch education license from the publisher at Fetch Softworks.

No matter which FTP client you choose, you'll need some or all of the following information:

  • Server aka Host: xarts.usfca.edu
  • Connection Method: SFTP
  • User Name & Password: your XARTS Labs user name & password
  • Port Number (if required by software) 22 (standard port for SFTP)

File Sharing Access


You can use standard Mac and Windows file sharing methods to access your network drive from any computer that's connected to the campus network. On a Mac, switch to the Finder and select Go → Connect To Server. Enter xarts.usfca.edu/Users/username for the server address (where username is your lab user name) and click [Connect]. Enter your lab user name and password when prompted, then click [OK].


You can use the steps above to access your network drive from an off-campus computer by first connecting to the USF VPN (Virtual Private Network). Anyone with an active myUSF account can connect to the USF VPN. For more information, visit the ITS Network Remote Access FAQ.