Assessment Workshops

The Office of Assessment and Accreditation Support promotes the exchange of ideas and application of assessment techniques and skills using workshops tailored to the needs of school/colleges and the institution. Below are downloads of workshop materials offered by the OAAS.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

  1. Writing Effective PLOs
    1. Writing PLOs
    2. Adelman Learning Outcome Verbs
    3. Learning Outcome Domains
    4. Student Affairs Outcomes Assessment Article


  1. Introduction to Rubrics (Transcript)
  2. From Rudimentary to Robust: A Workshop on the Role of Rubrics (Video)
  3. Rubric Development Worksheet

General Assessment

  1. Learning Assurance Model
  2. Evaluating Learning in Your Course

Office of Assessment and Accreditation Support 

Shirley McGuire, PhD 
Senior Vice Provost of Academic Affairs

Deborah L. Panter, JD 
Director of Educational Effectiveness and Assessment | 415.422.4588

Kevin A. McLemore, PhD
Associate Director of Assessment | 415.422.4349

Shelly A. Helgeson, MPA
Assistant Director of Curriculum Management | 415.422.6296

Marisa C. McCarthy, MA
Project Manager | 415.422.2091