Referral and Resource Options


If you have any questions about a student and how best to approach that person, do not hesitate to call Counseling and Psychological Services to discuss the situation. If no one is immediately available, please leave your name and number and your call will be promptly returned, and/or contact CAPS After Hours at (415) 422-6352 ext. 2 or, if on a branch campus, call CAPS All Hours at (855) 531-0761.

Referral Options

With the student's consent, you can call CAPS (x6352) while the student is in your office in order to ensure that contact is made. Walk the student over to CAPS to make an appointment. If a counselor is available, the student can be seen immediately. Please call ahead and alert the staff in the event of a student emergency.

Notification of Client Counseling

Communication between a counselor and client is confidential. We cannot discuss whether or not counseling is being received or the details of a student's situation without their written consent. If you desire to have notification of a student's attendance, please discuss this prior to the student's meeting with the counselor, a release form will need to be signed by the student.

Crisis Situation

If the student is behaving in a strange manner, is agitated, or appears to be out of control:

  • Be matter-of-fact and act in a calm manner.
  • Be respectful but firm. Set clear limits.
  • Be concrete and direct. You may have to repeat yourself in order to be understood.
  • Try to identify the problem and respond honestly about whether or not you can be of assistance.



The following are useful resources for Faculty and Staff: