Mock Interview Program

The Career Services Center conducts mock interviews for students and alumni. This program provides both groups the opportunity to polish their interview skills. To participate, sign up for one of the following options:

  1. Mock Interview with an industry professional via Employer fo the Day Program
  2. Mock Interview with a Career Counselor

Employer of the Day

Sign up for a mock interview time through Handshake. To see employers participating in the Employer of the Day Program, log in to Handshake, then click jobs and On-campus Interviews. Employers who are participating will be listed as "Employer of the Day" followed by their name. To secure a position, submit your resume and then choose a time slot.

Preparation: The Employer of the Day program allows you the opportunity to practice your interview skills, as well as ask the industry professional any questions you may have about the job search, interview process, your resume or cover letter, or their own career journey. During the appointment, you should plan to direct the conversation. Prepare by reading CSC handouts on Informational Interviewing.

The Interview: Show up for the interview about 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Check-in at the UC 5th Floor Career Services front desk. Employer of the Day appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes and can include a brief resume review, open dialogue with the interviewer, a formal "mock interview" and a critique. A follow-up thank-you note to the interviewer is strongly suggested.

Signing Up With a Career Counselor for In-Person Mock Interview

Sign up for a mock interview time with a Career Counselor at the Career Services Center via Handshake or by calling the front desk at (415) 422-6216. Interviews can be conducted via phone, Zoom, or in-person.

Preparation: You should come professionally dressed and bring a resume and a job description for the type of job you are seeking. Come prepared with interview questions that you usually have trouble answering and that you would like the counselor to focus on in the mock interview.

The Interview: Arrive by your scheduled appointment time with your printed resume and job description and check-in at the UC 5th Floor Career Services front desk. Interviews are scheduled for 60 minutes and include a formal "mock interview" and feedback. Mock Interviews can be videotaped and reviewed with the counselor if requested.