Start-Ups and Tech Jobs

Casual: It’s always important to come across as professional, even when interviewing with a casual startup. Opt for a more polished look, even if it is still a casual one. 


  • Collared shirt or nice blouse. 
  • Khakis or dark-wash denim.  If you opt for denim, keep it stylish and structured and free of holes or rips. 
  • Dresses and skirts should be at or just above knee length (no sundresses or spaghetti straps).  
  • Jackets or sweaters should fit well and be in good condition.
  • Nice casual shoes should be clean and in good condition. Do not wear worn out or scuffed shoes!  Flats, stylish street sneakers or loafers are appropriate; running shoes or flip-flops are not.  

Overall appearance:

  • Facial hair should be clean shaven or neatly trimmed.
  • Hair should be neatly combed and out of your face.
  • Make-up should be subtle. 
  • Avoid strong perfumes or cologne.
  • Nails should be clean and neat.

What to Wear to a Startup or Tech Job Interview