Explore Your Path

This portal is a gateway to resources that can help you navigate your way through major and career decisions.  You may find it especially helpful if you are undeclared or thinking of a major change, but all students are welcome.  Let this portal guide you anytime you reach a new fork in the road!

Path Showing Sequence from Find Yourself to Explore Careers to Explore Majors to Launch Yourself

The portal is comprised of four sections: Find YourselfExplore CareersExplore Majors, and Launch Yourself. Designed to help you with major and career decision making, each section includes an action plan, student stories, and links to campus resources.

Where Should I Start?

View each section below and choose where to start your journey!

Find Yourself

  • Learn how to start your major and career search
  • Clarify your interests, personality, skills, and values
  • Avoid rushing into major and career decisions

Graduation Cap

Explore Majors

  • Identify majors suited to your interests, personality, skills, and values
  • Find majors to prepare you for your chosen career
  • Discover how various majors will fit with your degree plan

Explore Careers

  • Identify careers suited to your interests, personality, skills, and values
  • Learn which occupations relate to your major
  • Research career options and how to pursue them

Launch Yourself

  • Test career and major choices through activities and experiences
  • Get prepared for life after graduation
  • Develop your personal brand and market yourself