MSP Academics

All Scholars in the Muscat Scholars Program will be taking a variety of academic and life skills development workshops. These classes are for college credit and will be comparable to college courses. There will be homework assigned in these classes.

You are expected to attend and participate in all classes and workshops. Failure to do so will jeopardize your status in the program and as a student at the University of San Francisco. You will receive 2 units toward graduation for successful completion of coursework. You will receive a grade for each academic course in MSP.

We also expect that you will be responsible for your own behavior and action and not be late for or miss mandatory programs, events, classes, or meetings (including Tribe Meetings and Tribal Council meetings) due to being off campus. Your Peer Mentors will be participating in your classes as Teaching Assistants. Please consult them (and your professors!) for assistance.

Your Professors

Your Professors are members of the University of San Francisco community. Many of them will be teaching you during your stay at USF. These individuals collaborate to provide you with academic experiences you can expect in the fall and will challenge you to be at your best as you start your academic career.

Your Classes

You will be taking the following classes:

  1. Introduction to College Writing (.5 credits) Taught by Rhetoric and Composition faculty, Intro to College Writing will explore proper citations and research methodologies used in First Year Courses.
  2. Electives (.5 credits) TBA!
  3. Information Literacy (.5 credits) Learning how to do research is “the” key tool for successful Scholars. Taught by Library faculty, you will learn how to harness the internet for effective research.
  4. Contemporary Issues (.5 credits) Looking at the world outside USF helps us understand the men and women we can be for others. Learn some pressing issues facing the world today and how you can create change

MSP Doesn't Stop When the Program Ends

In the Fall, MSP Scholars are invited to take Psychology of Success, a 1-unit class taught in Hayes Healy Hall that helps Scholars develop success strategies and cultivate a mindset to be successful at USF and beyond!

In the Spring, Scholars will take Exploring Majors and Careers, a course developed to help you make the most of your college experience by exploring the vast array of majors at USF as well as the many career paths that exist after USF. CRN will be provided to you during Spring registration.

There will be two off-campus retreats during the school year, one in September and another in February. During those events you’ll be able to meet more Scholars and take advantage of customized-for-MSP workshops.

You will also have the opportunity to check in with your staff mentor, your peer mentor, and your Academic Success Coach throughout the school year!