Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 at USF

Last Updated: 10/15/20

To keep our USF community appropriately informed about the total number of students, faculty, and staff members who have tested positive for COVID-19, we are providing a regularly updated tally of confirmed cases.


confirmed cases

This information is based on confirmed cases reported to the University of San Francisco and verified by a public health agency. This number only includes students, employees, and affiliates that have been on campus. It does not include information about community members who are preventatively self-isolated due to suspected exposure to another infected person.


USF is engaged in surveillance testing of those students living on campus and student athletes who are routinely coming to campus. Below are the numbers of tests conducted as well as the number of positive cases that the tests have identified.

Total number of tests: 673

Total number of positive results: 2

Percent positive: 0.3%

Active Confirmed Cases

At this time, we are aware of no active confirmed cases of COVID-19 at USF. Active cases have been on campus or have had close contact with other community members within the last 14 days.

Past Confirmed Cases

Past confirmed cases do not pose a health threat to campus community members because the infected person has not been on campus for 14 or more days.

Full List of Past Confirmed Cases

  • September 4: A student tested positive on September 3
  • August 24: An affiliate tested positive
  • July 16: A staff member tested positive 
  • July 15: Two affiliates tested positive
  • July 11: An affiliate tested positive
  • July 1: A staff member tested positive
  • June 29: A student tested positive
  • June 24: An affiliate tested positive

Privacy Reminder

The University of San Francisco strives at all times to respect the privacy and medical confidentiality of our community members who have tested positive for COVID-19. While it is understandable to be concerned and seek details about possible exposure from peers or colleagues who are infected, it is important to remember:

  • Except for a small number of resident students and essential personnel, our campus has been dispersed since early March 2020, greatly reducing the risk of transmission.
  • Confirmed cases do not always indicate active infections. Many individuals who have tested positive have already recovered or are in the process of recovering.
  • The public health department in a person’s county of residence determines who, if anyone, must be contacted regarding potential exposure to COVID-19, based on current guidelines. For San Francisco, guidelines can be found on the San Francisco Department of Public Health website.