Common Spaces


When using stairwells, please maintain proper distancing. Where possible, facilities may dedicate separate stairwells as “up” and “down” stairs. Follow signage for entering and exiting buildings as well as directional signage inside buildings.


Unless otherwise indicated, elevator capacity will be restricted to no more than two riders. Each rider must position themselves on the marks in corners of the elevator car to promote physical distancing to the greatest extent possible. Patrons who cannot physically use the stairs because of a disability or medical condition shall have priority for using elevators.

Facilities will placemarks in the corners on the elevator floor to promote physical distancing as well as place signage at the elevators with the expectations for those in the elevator. If you are in an elevator with another rider, please refrain from talking to each other during the ride.

Riders should consider using a stylus, key, pencil, or other apparatus to enable touch­-free selection of control buttons. Elevator buttons, handrails, and other high touch surfaces shall be wiped down and disinfected twice daily.

Wash your hands thoroughly after riding the elevator to reduce the potential for virus transmission.


Maximum occupancy of restrooms will be posted at each restroom. Please respect the signage. Wash your hands thoroughly after using the facilities to reduce the potential transmission of the virus.

Patrons are reminded not to enter a restroom while it is being cleaned, both for their own safety and to allow the custodian to do their job.

USF’s Facilities Department is taking steps to clean and disinfect common spaces on the Hilltop and 101 Howard campuses.

Facilities cleaning and disinfecting