Visitor Policy

In order to limit the number of individuals on any USF campus, guests and visitors will not be allowed in campus buildings.


Any exceptions must receive preapproval from the provost or member of the cabinet. Requests for guests and visitors must be made in writing in a timely manner prior to the dean or supervisor, who will obtain appropriate cabinet-level approval.

Guests and Visitors

Guests and visitors must comply with all university applicable USF COVID-19 policies and procedures - to include completing a symptom check prior to coming to campus, wearing a face covering at all times on campus, and following all posted guidelines. All guests and visitors are the responsibility of the host individual, unit or department. The online visitor questionnaire for guests and visitors to complete will be sent from the sponsoring individual on campus for completion prior to coming to campus.

The questionnaire can be requested from

Casual Guests and Non-Essential Visitors

Casual guests and non-essential visitors are prohibited from campus. Students may not host visitors or guests.