Dons Health Check

The digital health survey is required to be completed by all students and employees that are approved to come to any USF campus. This will keep our onsite population healthy through tracking daily health checks in order to identify any symptoms of illness early on, thereby limiting the viral spread of COVID-19 at USF.

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Virtual Appointments & Queues

An online platform enabling students, faculty, and employees to schedule appointments with various departments. This will enable social distancing by allowing the USF community to plan ahead or get into a virtual line for USF academic and administrative services.

Bon Appetit Online Food Ordering

Enhanced food ordering services that enable students and employees on campus to order food from Bon Appetit. This will enable social distancing by allowing students and employees to order food in advance for pick up at designated locations.

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Book a Space

Introducing the ability for students to reserve space on campus including newly designated study spaces. Employees approved to be on campus will continue to have the ability to reserve spaces at designated classrooms and office locations.

event and room request site

Live Chat

Coming Soon — A new digital customer service platform that will offer students and employees the ability to communicate with USF academic and administrative offices through live chat, video/audio interaction, and co-browsing. This enables USF to provide expanded communication channels and deliver services to the USF community while maintaining social distancing.