Faculty Research Circles

Collaborate More. Start Small. Think Big.

The University of San Francisco’s researchers, scholars, and artists push the boundaries of their disciplines to create, discover, and explore. Faculty Research Circles help build connections to exchange resources and ideas that intersect across departments, colleges, and schools at USF and beyond.

Specifically, Faculty Research Circles showcase University of San Francisco faculty members grouped by research interests and grant awards. At a glance, you can discover the ways in which our faculty’s interests intersect and diverge to create a broad and specialized consortium of scholars.

In some ways, Faculty Research Circles could be seen as building a 21st century “rolodex” or academic network. Before joining or creating a new Circle, consider your interests in big picture terms that extend beyond departmental or disciplinary boundaries. Browse the Circles to see how they work.

Faculty Research Circles include:

  • Academic Freedom and Censorship
  • Aging and Older Adults
  • Art and Globalization
  • Catholic Social Thought
  • Community-Engaged Scholarship
  • Environmental Justice
  • Health and Technology
  • Human Rights
  • Intersectional Identities
  • Migration Studies
  • Sustainability
  • Women and Violence

How to Join

To add yourself to a Circle or create a new Circle, complete this form and we will contact you. To create a new Circle, list a research interest that can connect several disciplines and departments, list faculty members who might be interested, and we’ll work with you to create the circle.

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