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for Teaching Writing and Speaking to Students in their Major. 



Shining Moments Webpage 

Discover the stories of teaching successes your fellow faculty have shared!

It includes clickable links that lead to original material graciously shared by the contributors. We invite you to reflect upon your classes. Do you have a "shining moment" that stands out to you? An innovative assignment, a clever use of technology, a discussion prompt, or some other tool that you discovered thanks to the new online environment? If so, please let us know about it using this short form so we can collect and share Shining Moments in celebration of teaching and learning (staring Fall 2020).

Submit your Shining Moment here


Spotlight On Canvas

In these remote learning circumstances, Canvas is playing a larger role than ever in most of our classes. We know that many of you are already doing effective and innovative things with Canvas. Let’s share them!

  • Are you organizing course materials (e.g., using modules, pages, or text headers) in a certain way that seems to work especially well?

  • Have you found a way of using the Discussion board feature that generates good participation?

  • Are you incorporating outcomes and rubrics into your gradebook to speed up the grading process while still providing helpful feedback to students?

  • Have you used any Canvas-integrated apps (e.g., Piazza, Hypothesis) that you’ve found to be useful?

  • Any other Canvas tips or tricks, big or small, you’d be willing to share? Please send us a note to let us know how you've been using Canvas to teach more effectively in these remote learning circumstances. We'd love to spotlight your ideas for others to see! 

Spotlight On Canvas: Your Idea


CAS  the syllabus guidelines page 

Syllabus Template From the College of Arts & Sciences - Every semester, The College of Arts and Sciences will update downloadable, editable syllabi templates based on the College Arts and Sciences syllabus guidelines. These include the actual meeting dates and required language for your convenience. Optional language is not included on these templates, but can be found on the . 


Grading Retreats* 

Join us for a grading retreat with your peers! Grading retreats are offered at the end of fall and spring semester before grades are due, they usually run from 10a.m.- 4p.m. and CTE provides breakfast, lunch, and coffee. The group setting provides motivation. We think the best way to tackle the overwhelming (and perhaps onerous) task of grading is with support!

*The format of this and other regular CTE events has been and may be altered due to remote teaching and learning. Please watch for current announcements in the CTE newsletter or contact CTE (cte@usfca.edu) for more information.