Students of Concern

USF cares about our students both inside and outside of the classroom. The Office of the Dean of Students is committed to the wellness and development of all USF students. We take a holistic approach, working with students to address all areas of their lives.

Report a Concern

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The Red Folder: Reporting Concerning Student Behavior

The Red Folder details when and how to contact the appropriate departments to file a report about concerning student behavior. Learn more about the Red Folder or make a report.

The Crisis Management and Behavioral Intervention Team

The Office of the Dean of Students is responsible for managing all crisis situations that involve USF students, including those reported through USF's Red Folder. The primary group charged with responding to such events is the Crisis Management and Behavioral Intervention Team (CMBIT). CMBIT is composed of professional staff from the Office of the Dean of Students, Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Disability Services, Student Housing and Residential Education, the Office of Student Conduct, the Department of Public Safety, International Student and Scholars Services, and the Center for Academic and Student Achievement.

The purpose of CMBIT is to proactively identify, assess and offer a coordinated institutional response to community members (and non-members) who pose a risk to themselves, others and/or the campus community. The CMBIT contributes to USF's goal of keeping students on-track to graduate, as well as helping to promote a healthier and safer campus community. Learn more about the CMBIT, its members, and crisis response at USF.

Case Management

Case Management, part of the Dean of Students Office, is available to provide students with support and intervention to help address difficulties and challenges that may be impacting their success and wellness.

The Associate Director of Case Management, Dr. Kerry Burns, is responsible for providing case management services to USF undergraduate students. She holds degrees in both Educational Leadership and Clinical Social Work, and uses her knowledge of mental health to guide her relationships with students so she can provide the best care possible.

Every student’s needs are unique, so Kerry works with each individual student to identify their personal goals and guide them through the case management process. Students can be offered a number of support/intervention options for addressing challenges, but it is up to the student to engage in the process and decide what options might work best for them.

Services provided by Case Management may include:

  • Connection to/Coordination with on-campus resources, including—but not limited to— CASA (Academic Coaching), Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Student Housing and Residential Education (SHARE), Student Disability Services (SDS)-- this can be particularly useful for students who may need to interface with multiple offices and staff, and who may be overwhelmed trying to navigate these resources. 

  • Connection to/coordination with off-campus providers, which may include assisting students with navigating their health plan (whether USF student insurance or other coverage) to search for providers who meet their needs and accept their plan, educating students about how insurance works (including information about copayments, co-insurance, deductibles, etc.), and general referral information about local providers.

  • Crisis response and support, including consultation with concerned parties, coordination of campus resources/response, and direct outreach/engagement with students of concern.

  • Referral information/assistance for basic needs concerns, such as food or housing insecurity

  • Regular meetings/contact with students, based on their needs.

Dr. Burns can be reached at, or 415-422-5330.

Case Management for USF graduate students is provided by Associate Dean of Students, Dr. Dan McPherson (email:; phone: 415-422-5330).