Part 1: Welcome and General Information

1.1 About the School 

1.2 Administration 

1.3 General Information

1.4 Campus Locations 

1.5 Dean’s Office and Program Contacts

1.5a Associate Deans

1.5b Department Chairs

1.5c Associate Directors and Fieldwork Coordinators 

15.d Program Coordinators

1.5e Program Assistants 

1.5f Additional Campus Location Contacts

the University of San Francisco1.1 About the School 

At the School of Education, our faculty, staff, and students are scholars and social justice advocates engaged within the diverse San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. With over 20 master's and doctoral programs, including programs at the University of San Francisco's additional locations, we welcome students who seek to make an impact and who are committed to serving those most in need.

The school’s mission is to act collectively and leverage our resources in ways that are driven by our Jesuit mission and responsive to our constituents’ needs. We strive to have a measurable impact in schools and communities, particularly for those most affected by injustice.

The University of San Francisco was established in 1855 by the Jesuit Fathers as San Francisco's first institution of higher learning. The university has grown from a one-room school house to become San Francisco's largest independent university. Founded in 1947, the University of San Francisco School of Education has driven new ways of thinking about Education since its inception. Today, the University of San Francisco School of Education is an urban destination that draws inspired scholars and social justice advocates to our credential, master's and doctoral programs.

If you are thinking of developing or advancing your skills in the fields of education, counseling psychology, leadership, research or advocacy, the University of San Francisco School of Education has these distinctive assets to offer:

  • Quality: Academic rigor and excellence have been USF’s trademarks since 1855.
  • Commitment to diversity and social justice: Our classes combine extensive exploration of theoretical knowledge in a diverse classroom setting with purposeful action, including outreach activities.
  • Supportive and personalized environment: With small classes, dedicated faculty who are available to students, caring staff, and numerous USF services, we are committed to student success.
  • Incomparable setting: Our diverse San Francisco Bay Area community, where cultural and artistic events abound, is sure to stimulate your own creativity and desire to learn.

1.2 Administration 

Shabnam Koirala-Azad, PhD
Dean of Education

Dr. Shabnam Koirala-Azad is the first female dean of the School of Education, and in 2018, was recognized as one of the Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business. Her leadership is informed by a strong background in educational research and scholarship. For more than a decade, as a faculty member in the School of Education and as department chair for the Department of International and Multicultural Education, she added a strong global component to the curriculum and co-founded the first degree program in Human Rights Education in the United States. 

As a scholar, she has made new conceptual and methodological contributions to the field of international comparative education, migration, and diaspora studies. Specifically, her work with South Asian immigrant students and families brings a transnational lens to concepts of identity, belonging, citizenship, and civic participation, disrupting misconceptions, and offering critical possibilities for grassroots collaboration across borders. As a mother-scholar, she contributes to scholarship that highlights ways in which mothering enriches careers in academia. 

Cheryl Jones-Walker, PhD
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and School Partnerships

Dr. Cheryl Jones-Walker is an Associate Dean and Associate Professor in the Teacher Education Department. She began her professional career as a fourth grade teacher in the Bronx, NY, and she continued teaching in a Boston area independent school and then internationally in Gabon, Central Africa, Prior to doctoral work at the University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education, she worked at the Center for Collaborative Education in Boston, a non-profit organization committed to improving urban K-12 education. 

Colette Cann, PhD
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development

Dr. Colette Cann brings over 20 years of teaching experiences (from middle school students to graduate students), 10 years of experience in administrative positions and a research agenda that seeks to address issues of racial injustice by engaging teachers and administrators. She was hired in 2018 and holds a joint position in the Department of International and Multicultural Education and General Education. Prior to her move to USF, she was a tenured faculty member at Vassar College where she served as Chair of the Education Department, Academic Advisor in the Dean of Studies Office, and Director of the Exploring Transfer program. Colette has also taught as a Visiting Professor at the Principal Leadership Institute at UC Berkeley. In her experiences, she has been intentional about leveraging her position to ensure the academic and social support necessary for student success and well-being, particularly for students of color and first generation college students. 

1.3  General Information  

The School presently enrolls approximately 1,100 students enrolled in five departments: 

  • Counseling Psychology (CPY) 
  • Leadership Studies (DLS)
  • International and Multicultural Education (IME)
  • Learning and Instruction (L&I) 
  • Teacher Education (TED).  

The School offers master’s and doctoral degrees, credentials, and certificates.  A detailed description of degrees and majors can be found on the School of Education website,

The School also includes the following centers and institutes: McGrath Institute for Jesuit Catholic Education (MIJCE) and the USF Center for Family and Child Development.  More information on each center and institute is available online at:

1.4 Campus Locations 

The University of San Francisco School of Education (SOE) Hilltop campus and main administrative offices are located at 2350 Turk Boulevard in San Francisco.   

The official mailing address for all correspondence is as follows: 

University of San Francisco
School of Education
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117-1071

Tel.: (415) 422-6525
Fax: (415) 422-2677

Maps and directions are available from the USF Website at:

Branch Campuses: 

The School hosts four additional campus locations in the De Anza ( San Jose, USF of the South Bay), Pleasanton, Sacramento, and Santa Rosa communities. More information on each location can be found at the respective websites: 

De Anza (San Jose, USF in the South Bay):



Santa Rosa:

1.5 Dean’s Office and Program Contacts

1.5a Associate Deans: 

Associate Deans provide leadership around academic and faculty affairs including strategic development and interconnection of academic programs including our additional campus locations. They supervise staff in areas of credentialing, assessment, and program assistance. Additionally, they oversee student services, faculty development, and adjunct policies related to hiring and on-boarding. 

Dr. Cheryl Jones-Walker, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and School and Community Partnerships, Credential and Licensure Programs
Phone: (415) 422-4309

Dr. Colette Cann, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development
Phone: (415) 422-4307

1.5b Department Chairs: 

Department Chairs are responsible for a variety of academic, administrative, and management duties related to their appointed degree or certificate program. Chairs work with the Deans who together are accountable for ensuring teaching and learning excellence is consistent with the mission and strategic objectives of the SOE. They are responsible for coordinating all new program and course development, while also monitoring, supporting, and developing the existing curricula. 

Chair by Department: 

Counseling Psychology: Dr. Leyla Perez-Gualdron  

  • Email:
  • Office: ED 032

Leadership Studies: Dr. Jane Bleasdale  

  • Email:
  • Office: ED 218

International and Multicultural Education: Dr. Emma Fuentes

  • Email:
  • Office: ED 212

Learning and Instruction: Dr. Kevin Oh 

  • Email:
  • Office: ED 129

Teacher Education: Dr. Patrick Camangian 

  • Email:
  • Office: ED 211

1.5c Associate Directors and Fieldwork Coordinators: 

Aisha Bolds Ortega: Special Education Fieldwork Supervisor

  • Email: 

Imene Ghernati: Interim Fieldwork Coordinator, TED Hilltop Campus

  • Email:

Dr. Sandi Fenderson: Associate Director, TED Pleasanton, Sacramento, and Santa Rosa campuses 

  • Email: 

Ruchi Rangnath: Fieldwork Coordinator, TED De Anza campus

  • Email:

Angela Tang:  Fieldwork Coordinator, School Counseling Program 

  • Email: 

1.5d  Program coordinators 

Melissa Duphily: Program Coordinator, TED 

  • Email:

Carmen  Pacheco Cuebas: Program Coordinator, CPY Sacramento

  • Email: 

Estella Pabonan Uhler: Program Coordinator, CPY  Hilltop

  • Email:


1.5e Program Assistants:

Departmental Program Assistants are responsible for keeping new and continuing students up-to-date with news, campus events, and deadlines. Program Assistants are knowledgeable staff who can answer questions regarding class schedules, registration dates, graduation, general program and SOE process information. 

Program Assistants by Department: 

Counseling Psychology: Juliana Lau

  • Phone: (415) 422-6868
  • Email:

Leadership Studies: Thanh Ly 

  • Phone: (415) 422-2204
  • Email:

International and Multicultural Education: Gabriela Martinez Pocasangre 

  • Phone: (415) 422-2059
  • Email: 

Learning and Instruction: Gabriela Martinez Pocasangre 

  • Phone: (415) 422-2059
  • Email: 

Teacher Education: TBD

  • Phone: (415) 422-2874
  • Email: TBD

1.5e Additional Campus Location Contacts 

  • TBD (408) 343-7100 – De Anza (San Jose, USF of the South Bay) Location
  • Theresa Estrada (925) 867-2711 - Pleasanton Campus
  • May Melby (916) 920-0157 - Sacramento Campus
  • Alexandria Weishaar (707) 527.9612  - Santa Rosa Location