Data Security and Privacy

Security Guidance:

  • DO NOT input any sensitive data that are PII/SPII, Internal, Confidential or Highly Confidential. This includes (but not limited to) names, DOBs, email, home addresses, SSNs, identification numbers, passport numbers, personal health information, passwords, financial data, or intellectual property.

Intellectual Property:

  • Defining generated assets
  • "Free generative AI tools assume that you are giving your prompts and inputs to them in return for the use of their tool. Use them with the assumption that all of what you give them and create with them is public. "

DO NOT SHARE Information:

  • Personal information...
  • Confidential data information...
  • Information about the university...

University Vendors' Privacy Policies on Data Sharing:

  • Privacy policy from Zoom - Zoom does not use any of your audio, video, chat, screen sharing, attachments, or other communications like customer content (such as poll results, whiteboard, and reactions) to train Zoom’s or third-party artificial intelligence models. For more information about how Zoom AI Companion handles your data, visit our support page.