Splunk Pledge at USF

The Power of Splunk

Introduction to Splunk


For Faculty: Splunk for Research Purposes

Splunk provides a one-year, 10GB license for Splunk software and access to eLearning for qualifying non-profit universities and institutions who wish to use Splunk for research purposes.

If you are interested in obtaining Splunk license, please apply on their website.

For Individual Learners: Single Subject Courses

Single-subject courses can be accessed for one year (12 months). Those labeled (eLearning with labs) allow for 3 lab accesses of four hours self-paced classes and the labs cannot be extended or reset. 

Each class can only be completed once. Splunk recommends registering for one self-paced class at a time.

Students are expected to start class within 30 days of registration.

Visit Splunk Single Subject Courses page to register.

Retired Self-Paced Training

All previously offered Instructor-On-Demand(IOD) training has been retired and can no longer be accessed as of November 30, 2021. 

Please refer to Splunk Single Subject Courses page for the latest offering.


Accessibility Statement

Learn about Splunk accessibility statement