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Supporting Active Learning With Video

Kyoko Suda, Associate Professor, Modern and Classical Languages

Instructional Challenge

Professor Suda teaches undergraduate Japanese language 100 and 200-level classes. Her courses are taught in a task-based, student centered format with Japanese language communicative activities as the primary instructional method. However, the frustration experienced by many language instructors is that it is difficult to allocate sufficient time in-class for student to practice the target (Japanese) language. Class time is also needed for teaching grammar, pronunciation, writing systems, culture, and more. The challenge is finding enough class-time to allow students to practice Japanese language.

Technology Solution

Echo360 was the recommended solution because it allowed her to easily capture presentations off the computer with audio narration and video. Course material that was taught in class, such learning Japanese and Kanji characters, and reading comprehension exercises were recorded using Echo360 and posted to Professor Suda's Canvas course, making it easy for students to access the course material. Students can start and stop the videos to review the material and take notes. View of sample of the video.

Impact on Student Learning

Students now have more opportunities to practice Japanese language during class time. The online learning portion of the class has been well received by students. Students liked being able to replay the video lectures on Japanese and Kanji characters outside of class and at their own pace. According to Prof. Suda, students are more engaged in the learning activity than they had been previously.

Authentic Learning In Online and Hybrid Courses

David Ryan headshotEmbracing the challenge of designing effective online and hybrid courses, USF's MAPC Program, headed by Academic Director, David Ryan, creates an authentic learning environment that bolsters its students' professional success.

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Promoting Online Group work

Kelly EngleThe Instructional Design team worked with Dr. Kelly L'Engle, Assistant Professor in the Population Health Sciences department, to bring her project-based course, Program Planning and Evaluation, online as part of the online Masters of Public Health Program.

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Creating Multimedia Lessons (and Flipping your Face-to-Face Course)

Marie ClaudeAssociate Professor Marie-Claude Couture, MS, PhD worked with USF’s Instructional Design Team during Summer, 2016 to transform her face-to-face masters course, Epidemiology, into online and hybrid versions for USF’s Master of Public Health program.

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Technology Awards for Innovation Award Recipients of 2018

Full-Time Faculty Award - June Lee, Assistant Professor, School of Management

June LeeEverything is online all readings, announcements, assignments (including distribution, submission, and grading), the peer discussions, and attendance are all through the Canvas system. She stresses the connection between the tools they learn in class and their applications to industry her course design prepares her students for the real world.

They experience running a social media campaign to reach real-world audiences and use Open Source software to launch an online business. Students develop a LinkedIn profile, a website, and are encouraged to use technology to build their products.

This instructor has worked closely with USF alumni and other online campus resources to introduce relevant technology and concepts to her students. She believes that by presentation, demonstration, hands-on application, and hosting guest speakers from industry, students learn transferable skills.

This faculty member truly motivates her students while also inspiring her peer faculty.

Adjunct Faculty Award - Davis Yee, School of Law

Davis YeeThis instructor uses a variety of tools to keep students engaged in his hybrid-designed course. He promotes -- the Flipped Classroom method of instruction which allows for varying levels of communication and interaction with students. He uses Zoom video conferencing to support virtual office hours and accommodates his teaching methods to reach students in different time zones His use of Jeopardy Style PowerPoint has engaged students and made learning fun.

His use of a digital whiteboard has elevated student satisfaction. He has shared his enthusiasm for online technology with colleagues leading them to explore new forms of course delivery. He has co-led a Peer2Peer panel presentation on his use of Zoom to support teaching and learning.

This instructor has taken the art of teaching tax law to new levels.

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