A Matter of Liberation: Artwork from Prison Renaissance Virtual Tour

Thursday, October 22 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Online - Online

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Join the Thacher Gallery for a virtual tour of our current exhibition, A Matter of Liberation: Artwork from Prison Renaissance. We will view and discuss artwork by each of the show's six featured artists. The tour will be held via Zoom, and pre-registration is required.
About the Exhibition:

Curated by Antwan “Banks” Williams, A Matter of Liberation presents artists Emile DeWeaverEddie Herena, Sara J. Kruzan, Jason Perry, Orlando Smith, and Antwan “Banks” Williams answering the question, “What does liberation mean to you?” Through paintings, drawings, photography, collage, spoken word, and dance, these artists reveal the ways in which the pursuit for liberation unites us all.

About Prison Renaissance
Prison Renaissance was co-founded by three incarcerated people who identified the need for a new institution to support abolition: prison programs that don’t involve prison administrators. We need prison programs that contribute to making prisons obsolete, and prison programs will never do that as long as prison administrators control them. Prison Renaissance’s program goals are to use arts, media, and technology to connect incarcerated people to the communities that need them. Centering the voices of incarcerated people is paramount to ongoing debates regarding criminal justice reform and the organization’s work aims for a cultural shift that celebrates the insights of incarcerated people in both activist and creative circles.