America, China, and the Global Tech Economy

Tuesday, October 19 5:15 PM - 6:30 PM


A panel of experts will discuss America's and China's relationship in the context of the tech economy. On top of the issues arising from the trade dispute, the pandemic response, and other sources of bilateral tension, both sides are now rethinking their approach to regulating the tech economy, have growing concerns about their citizens' data being held outside their border, and worry about how social media can affect politics, among other tech-related issues. This event is hosted by the China Business Studies Initiative in the USF School of Management.


  • Samm Sacks
    Senior Fellow at Yale Law School
  • David Wertime
    Managing Director, China, Perpetual Capital Partners
  • Darlene Chiu Bryant
    Founder and Executive Director, GlobalSF
  • Xiaomeng Lu
    Director, Geo-tecnology, Eurasia Group
  • Peter Lorentzen
    Associate Professor of Economics, University of San Francisco