Yoga w/Brian

Thursday, October 28 5:15 AM - 6:30 AM

Online — Zoom

Brian invites you to play your own music at home, or he has created a playlist on Spotify (Asana Finale by zoe). Remember to mute your computer when class starts. 

Please ensure that you have a safe space to perform all exercises at home. You should have enough space to be able to extend your arms out to your sides and be able to extend your leg behind you. Notify Brian if you would like specific modifications for any movements, or if you would like him to break down proper technique for any move that is unfamiliar to you. We recommend having a bottle of water and towel on hand. 

SET UP: (Optional)
Please set up your camera so Brian can assess your form and alignment, ideally he will be able to see your entire body and yoga mat.