MSDS Seminar Series in Data Science: Bushra Anjum, Senior Analytics Manager @ Doximity

Friday, December 3 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Off-Campus Event - — 101 Howard St. Rooms 154-156


More often than not, students and young data professionals are hit with some on-the-job surprises, the biggest of which is data science and machine learning are overlapping but distinct skills. In this session, we will talk about three aspects of practical data science (1) the goal of Data Science (2) the use of Machine Learning, and (3) Dimensional Data Modeling.


Bushra Anjum, Ph.D., is a health IT data specialist currently working as the Senior Analytics Manager at the San Francisco based health tech firm Doximity. Aimed at creating HIPAA secure tools for clinicians, she leads a team of analysts, scientists, and engineers working on product and client-facing analytics. Dr. Anjum also makes key contributions to data projects by employing her advanced knowledge of analyzing large datasets, building complex aggregates, creating interactive visualization, and conducting multivariate statistical analysis and predictive modeling. Formerly a Fulbright scholar from Pakistan, Dr. Anjum served in academia (both in Pakistan and the USA) for many years before joining the tech industry. She continues to volunteer at Cal State University campuses, and public schools, teaching CS-related content and serving as an industry mentor. A keen enthusiast of promoting diversity in the STEM fields, her other volunteer activities involve being a senior editor for ACM Ubiquity and the Standing Committee's Chair for ACM-Women. She has been recognized by Tribune as a Top 20 under 40 Professional for career excellence with a deep commitment to community service. Dr. Anjum can be contacted via the contact page or via Twitter @DrBushraAnjum.