2024 Global Feminist Forum - Critical Feminist Perspectives on Higher Ed: A Journey to Liberation

Tuesday, March 5 12:45 PM - 2:30 PM

On-Campus Event - — CO 312- Hybrid Panel

graduate students in classroom

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Through PAR we have co created graduate courses and community spaces that center critical theories and liberatory practices, believing “The classroom remains the most radical space of possibility in the academy” This panel reflects our journey as qualitative researchers who identify as critical feminists and have completed research on their own professional experiences as women educators in very different contexts. Using their graduate school coursework to develop deeper understanding of critical theories, intersectionality and oppressive educational systems these graduate students worked with their professor and department chair to disrupt hegemonic practices and co create non traditional learning spaces and research that center BIPOC women and those who identify as queer and non binary. 

After a brief introduction when the participants will share their journeys as critical feminist scholars, researchers, practitioners we will offer a workshop style space to share our research ideas and experiences.  Creating spaces that center and uplift women and girls at the intersection of race, class, gender, and culture.’ 

Featured Speakers

  • Fraylanie Aglipay EdD (Higher Ed student affairs) 
    Leadership Barriers and Possibilities : Identity Exploration as Immigrant Women of Color in Higher Education
  • Jane Bleasdale PhD (faculty member)
    Queering leadership. How queer theory, identity and experiences can create liberated spaces for learning and facilitation
  • Yetunde Daniels Rubinstein (EdD student and Educational Consultant)
    Coming to Voice (bell hooks) Creating and sustaining liberatory, joy raising spaces for Black women 
  • Michele Darchuck (Current EdD Student K- 12 administrator)
    Authenticity of Sisterhood. How women can build trust in the spaces that we create for each other and ourselves 
  • Kate Hermosoura EdD (K - 12 administrator)
    Practicing Critical Self Reflection. How the practice and Impact of critical self-reflection can support and empower our communities as women leaders