2024 Global Feminist Forum - Jewelle: A Just Vision

Wednesday, March 6 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

On-Campus Event - — Cowell 106

A Just Vision by Madeleine Lim

In Jewelle: A Just Vision (64 mins. 2022) award-winning filmmaker Madeleine Lim presents author and activist Jewelle Gomez, a powerful, vibrant model of a human rights and creative visionary. Gomez, author of the acclaimed Afrofuturist speculative lesbian vampire novel “The Gilda Stories,” co-founded enduring social justice organizations. An Ioway and Wampanoag, African American and Cape Verdean, femme lesbian, Gomez is a celebrated writer in many genres and an inspiration beyond category.  
Filmmaker Madeleine Lim is the executive and artistic director of Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project. A former adjunct professor in USF’s Film Studies program, Lim trained a generation of documentary filmmakers. We are proud to welcome her back for this special evening. 
Jewelle Gomez and Madeleine Lim will be in conversation with Assistant Professor of English Chloe Hunt after the film.
Office of the Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, African American Studies Program, English Department, Journalism and Film Studies.