Generative AI Speaker Series: Language Ideology, Pedagogy, and the Impact of Generative AI on University Teaching with Nicole Gonzales Howell

Tuesday, October 24 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Online — Zoom

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Nicole Gonzales Howell

“Johnny Can’t Write” and sentiments of the like have been circulating in the dominant narrative about “kids these days” and their abilities to write and communicate for well over 50 years. With the advent of AI generators we now have a tool that can actually support student writing, yet it has been met with suspicion and contempt because it provides short-cuts and support to those that have not fully internalized the linguistic and cultural conventions of Standardized Academic English. In this session we work together to reflect on our language ideologies and how they impact our attitudes toward writing and writers in order to consider the potential of generative AI tools as well as the limitations.   

Nicole Gonzales Howell is an Associate Professor in the Rhetoric and Language Department and the Composition Area Director. She is a former Gerardo Marin Fellow and is currently the co-facilitator of the Pedagogy in the Age of AI Faculty Learning Community.