GoUSF: "Everything is Interconnected!" Exploring Animal, environmental and climate justice

Thursday, April 25 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Online — Zoom

Professor Matthew Liebman, Chair of the Justice for Animals Program and Associate Professor at USF School of Law, will discuss the relationships between animal justice, environmental justice, and climate justice.

As Pope Francis observed in Laudato Si, "everything is interconnected." The ways that humans treat nonhuman animals, other human beings, and the Earth itself are all mutually reinforcing. This presentation will explore animals’ entitlement to just treatment and the ways that industrial animal exploitation -- especially in the agriculture industry -- harms farmed animals, wild animals, marginalized human communities, and the environment itself. Industrial animal agriculture inflicts enormous animal suffering, exploits workers under inhumane conditions, contributes significant amounts of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, and pollutes the air and water of surrounding communities, many of which are rural, low-income communities of color. By recognizing individual animals as subjects of justice who are entitled to fair treatment, we can begin to dismantle systems of animal exploitation that harm us all.

This event is part of the GoUSF Environmental Justice series.