Radical Revision: What The Blind Can Teach Us

Thursday, April 25 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

McLaren Complex — 251

Professor Taymiya R. Zaman and USF student Hannah Clemenson will share how they used tactile maps, art, and music to make a classroom inclusive of the learning needs of the blind, and in doing so, created a multi-sensory, rather than text-based space that enhanced the learning of all. We will focus on cura personalis as an ethic that sees students with disabilities as bringing to class a constellation of experiences that help professors question their assumptions about normative learning. We will discuss how students who experience the world through sound rather than sight, or who learn through images more so than words allow professors and peers to access their own creative imagination. Finally, we invite participants to join us in cultivating a mindset in which partnerships between students, teachers, and disability professionals feel energizing, playful, and transformative.