Financial Aid Revision Request Form

Must Log In to myUSF to Complete Application

The Financial Aid Revision Request form is for graduate/ Doctoral students to report your enrollment to the Office of Financial Aid if your tuition and fees cost is higher than the standard tuition and fees in your estimated cost of attendance (COA). The form is also used for students to request an adjustment to your Federal Direct Loans (increase, decrease, or cancel). Must have a FAFSA on file. 

Student Loan Eligibility

Please review your myUSF student self-service portal prior to completing this form. Access the financial aid award section to review the amount of federal loans you have already accepted.

Use the chart below to determine if you have already used your maximum federal loan eligibility for the year. 

Annual loan limits

Undergraduate Students Dependent Students Independent Students
1st year $5,500 ($3,500 may be subsidized) $9,500 ($3,500 may be subsidized)
2nd year $6,500 ($4,500 may be subsidized) $10,500 ($4,500 may be subsidized)
3rd & 4th year $7,500 ($5,500 may be subsidized $12,500 ($5,500 may be subsidized)


Graduate Students Graduate/ Professional Students
Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan $20,500
Graduate PLUS Loan Up to Cost of Attendance


The screenshot below is a sample of the award overview screen found on your myUSF self-service portal. The award overview page provides an outline of the amount of financial aid you received for the year.

Screenshot of financial aid offer on myusf self-service