Northern Ireland Immersion Picture

Please note: The Erasmus LLC is on hold currently and is not accepting applications for the 2023-2024 academic year. 

Erasmus is a year-long course designed to bring together second and third year students from the various undergraduate colleges at USF in a shared learning environment, with the option for community living. Previously, the theme for the Erasmus Program was Conflict and Reconciliation. We studied the psychological, structural, political, and social causes of conflict and its impacts on a variety of communities both in the Bay Area and beyond. We also delved into the background of the conflict in Northern Ireland to prepare us for our 10-day immersion trip in January to Belfast and Derry, Northern Ireland. 

The first semester will focus on understanding conflict, and the Spring term will explore reconciliation. How do we resolve conflict? What kinds of psychological, cultural, and political changes are needed in order to create peace? Erasmus students learn theoretical information from the classroom experience, discuss the material as a community and directly apply information and ideas through various community-based research projects. Over the course of a year, students in the community delve deeper into their understanding of the intertextuality of ethics, service, and justice at local and global levels. 

The YEAR-LONG (8-unit) course fulfills: 

1) Core D: Ethics requirement 

2) Service Learning requirement 

3) Politics Elective credit 

Students are invited to live in Toler Hall for the year, but must be enrolled in both Fall and Spring semesters of the course in order to live on campus. Students who do not register for the course in the Spring term, or who drop the course before census date in either term will be asked to vacate student housing.