Fall 2020 Housing/Essential Housing Support (EHS)

[Updated September 29, 2020]

A: We have cancelled everyone's 2020-2021 housing assignment or application. If you need housing for Fall 2020, please apply for the Essential Housing Support (EHS) by July 24th.

A: No, you will not be charged a cancellation fee. Once a housing assignment has been cancelled that will generate a credit to your student account for any housing and/or dining fees you have been assessed. Please note that the last day to cancel and receive a refund (if approved) is November 14, 2020. 

A: There will be an option to request an early arrival if needed on the EHS application. Please note that early arrivals are limited and not guaranteed. Only students approved for EHS will be eligible for early arrivals and will receive an update regarding their request on July 29th. 

A: EHS applications will be due on July 24 by 5pm PDT. 

A: Please email the Housing Assignment Team (usfhousingassignments@usfca.edu) with your situation. We will review it on a case by case basis.

A: To apply for EHS housing by the July 24th deadline, please follow the following instructions:

  • 1. Log in to USFRooms

  • 2. Select “Student Requests

  • 3. Select your housing application on file for next year

  • 4. Follow the steps in the dropdown menu to submit an EHS

A: Your EHS application will ask that you provide information about your housing need and will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • A student who faces housing insecurity (homelessness or a precarious living situation);

  • A student who faces financial insecurity;

  • A student with existing health conditions that would be impacted by travel;

  • A student whose home is in an area with extremely limited internet connectivity;

  • An international student who have immigration, travel, and/or visa restrictions;

  • A student who is in an approved, on-the-ground, clinical program of study;

  • A student with any other extenuating circumstance that warrants review.

A: Students who have applied for EHS by the July 24th deadline will be notified of their status by July 29, or sooner if possible. You will be notified of your EHS room assignment on August 3.

A: Yes. Should you feel you have additional supporting information or an extenuating circumstance please email USFHousingAssignments@office.usfca.edu to request another review of your existing EHS application by a different committee. That committee will review any additional information provided in the email if applicable. Please indicate in the subject of the email that this is a resubmission/appeal of your original application. The deadline to submit your appeal is Friday, July 31st at 12NOON (PST).  You will receive final notification of the decision by Thursday, August 6, 2020.

A: All housing will be single rooms (one per bedroom if in a Loyola Village apartment) and will be billed at the double rate. Students who are assigned to:

  • Loyola Village single room will be charged $5810

  • Fulton House single room will be charged $5810 (residence hall large double)

  • St. Anne single room will be charged $6245 (St. Anne double)

  • Other residence hall (if used) will be charged $5465 (residence hall double)

A: Yes, all students approved for EHS are required to have the standard fall flexi meal plan in all residential halls, including Loyola Village, unless they are graduate or law students living in St. Anne's. 

A: To maintain the health and safety of all residents, all housing will be single rooms. In multi bedroom units in Loyola Village, you may have other suitemates who are assigned to their own single bedroom. In addition, SHaRE reviewed all 2021 roommate groups created in preparation for room selection were able to accommodate 98% of those roommate groups assigned for fall essential housing support. 

A: December 12, 2020 for Loyola Village and Toler. December 31, 2020 for St. Anne’s and Fulton House.

A: Yes, if you are approved for Essential Housing Support in July 2020.