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Developed by student life professionals, faculty from USF’s Psychology department, and CampusClarity, Think About It is a comprehensive program designed to minimize the risks associated with alcohol, drugs, and sexual assault. For more info read FAQ.

Undergraduate 3-part course

This course will be assigned to new and incoming first-year and transfer undergraduate students.

Each part will be assigned every consecutive semester until it is finished.
(For example: Part I assigned in Fall 2016, Part II assigned in Spring 2017, Part III assigned in Fall 2017)

Part 1: Think About It: Turning Points uses an engaging, thoughtful approach to provide students with the tools they need to navigate the risks of life in college before they ever set foot on campus.

Part II: Think About It: Good Friends follows up with students after they have been on campus for several months. It reinforces crucial strategies for bystander intervention with a life-like house party scenario.

Part III. Think About It: The Way Forward trains students to address stalking, abusive relationships, and sexual violence on campus. It covers how to recognize unhealthy relationships and stalking, as well as the best ways to support survivors of sexual violence.

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Graduate and Additional Campuses course

This course will be assigned to new and incoming graduates, students at USF's additional locations, visiting, online, and special program students.

Provides sexual assault and sexual harassment training carefully tailored to the unique needs of graduate students and students at USF's additional locations.

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Students who fail to complete part I of the course by their deadlines will be charged a $100 late fine.