GoUSF: Family Well-Being Challenge 2014

Event Summary

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Family Well-Being Challenge! During this three-week challenge, co-workers, friends and/or family members bonded together in 37 teams of 4-6 people to focus on all dimensions of their health, including physical, nutritional, spiritual/emotional and social wellness. Congratulations to the top three teams who earned the most points! 

  1. Live Shrimp (Alan Ho, team captain)
  2. Team Nicole 1 (Nicole Nguyen, team captain)
  3. Nic and the Girls (Nicki Le, team captain)

These teams chose from a variety of prizes, including Koret massages, catered lunches and bookstore gift cards. Additionally, those who completed a post-challenge survey had a chance to win a Fitbit! The winners of the survey raffle are: 

  • Michele Centrella – HR
  • Brandi Lawless – A&S
  • Courtney Resnick – A&S
  • Ricah de Leon – Development
  • Mariette Parekh – San Jose Campus Office

Post-Event Survey Results 

A survey was sent to all participants, and 56 people responded.

  • For 16 people, this was their first GoUSF challenge.
  • 5 out of the 56 participants who responded to the survey were faculty members.
  • The teams represented departments from across the University, including CASA, HR, A&S, SOE, SOM, Law, OCM, IT, ISSS, ABS, General Council, Office of the Registrar, Student Life, McCarthy Center, Development, Koret, a couple of families, and the Pleasanton, San Jose and Presidio campuses.
  • Physical wellness was everyone’s favorite health dimension to focus on.
  • The best part of the challenge was working together and getting to know teammates better.
  • The majority of people heard about the challenge from the GoUSF email or a co-worker.
  • People bonded with teams outside of the workplace and outside of their departments.
  • The prizes rocked!