Onboarding New Employees

The research is clear – a new employee's first 90 days are crucial to ensuring their success as valuable team members. Whether you are a manager or new hire buddy, you play an integral role in onboarding a new employee at USF.

Manager's Role

When a new employee begins their career at USF, your role as their manager and/or supervisor is to help them succeed:

  • Before your new team member arrives, ensure that the appropriate equipment and digital access is established. For more information, reference the supervisor’s checklist for new employees.
  • Confirm that your new employee received instructions to sign up for the next Benefits and Employment Orientation and the University Welcome.
  • Schedule a lunch with your new employee during their first week.
  • Schedule regular, one-on-one meetings with your new employee to check in with them and provide feedback during their first 90 days.
  • Draft an email that introduces your new employee, and send it to your department and any others at USF who would be interested in their employment and with whom they will interact.
  • Assign a New Hire Buddy – another team member in your department – who will assist your new employee during their first 90 days. The New Hire Buddy will provide a campus tour, invite them to lunch, and act as a go-to resource during onboarding.
  • Describe performance management at USF and the annual performance appraisal.
  • During their first 2 weeks, communicate your expectations and collaborate with your new employee to create their goals and objectives for the first 90 days. Solidify them by the end of their first month.
  • Revisit and reiterate initial goals during their first 90 days so that a clear path to success is established from their hire date to the end of the review process.

New Hire Buddy's Role

As new hire buddy, you have the honor of helping to onboard a new employee in your department:

  • Time permitting, provide a thorough tour of USF’s main campus as well as other locations:
    • Gleeson Library (lower campus)
    • Public Safety (University Center, 5th Floor)
    • The Koret Health and Recreation Center (across from lower campus)
    • The Campus Bookstore (University Center, lower level)
    • ATM Machines (across campus)
    • “GO DONS” machines (across campus, to load their One Card)
    • Postal services (Hayes-Healy Hall)
    • University Ministry (lower campus)
    • Counseling Center
    • Lone Mountain (Human Resources, OneCard, Ricci Institute Library, Center for the Pacific Rim, Reading Room, Loyola House, and Presentation Theatre)
    • 101 Howard (5th floor student area, conference rooms)
  • Point out on-campus dining locations and other places to purchase food on-the-go: 
    • Atrium Café (Gleeson Library)
    • Faculty and Staff Dining (University Center, outside 1st floor)
    • Crossroads (University Center, 1st floor; food and coffee bar)
    • Outta Here (University Center, 1st floor; pre-packaged food)
    • Bon Appetite Marketplace (University Center, 2nd floor)
    • Outtakes (Lone Mountain Main, 1st floor)
    • Koret Deli (Koret Health and Recreation Center)
  • Act as the resident expert for typical questions from new employees, such as: “Where’s the best place to have a meeting? Where are the best places to have lunch? What are some great ways to get involved on campus? Tell me about…., etc.” 
  • Invite them to lunch!
  • Share important phone numbers in your department and beyond, including the ITS Help Desk, Human Resources, and the Red Folder for Faculty and Staff.
  • Make yourself available and proactively reach out. Transitioning to a new job can be stressful. As a New Hire Buddy, you can help reduce that stress by cultivating a welcoming environment for new employees.

Onboarding Resources