Adjunct Prehire Onboarding Process

What is APOP?

The Adjunct Prehire Onboarding Process (APOP) was developed under the direction of both the Provost’s Office and HR Office as a mandate for University-wide, adjunct faculty hiring to achieve the following:

  • Improve the onboarding experience for adjunct faculty
  • Improve the access and services for hiring departments and their faculty
  • Ensure that the process coincides with the framework of USF Faculty Association (USFFA) compliance requirements
  • Identify the overall changes associated with streamlining of the Electronic Personal Action Form (EPAF)

What type of faculty members need to be processed through APOP?

Adjunct faculty members who do need to go through the new APOP:

  • New Hires
  • Re-Hires

Adjunct faculty members who DO NOT need to go through the new APOP:

  • Adjunct faculty "continuing" on their contract 
  • Adjunct faculty being reassigned within the University


The following do not fall into the scope of APOP:

  • Continuation Assignment: Someone who has had an existing assignment within the last 24 months, has an active employee record, and is being hired to a position within the same employee class;
  • Employee Class Transfer: Anyone who not had no break in employment at USF and is moving from one position to another
  • Additional Pay: over load job; anything in addition to primary job


  • New Hire: an individual who has never been an employee, January 2008 to Present, in any capacity or classification;
  • Re-Hire: an individual who has worked at USF previously and their employee PEAEMPL record is terminated. This applies to any E class
  • Employment Active Status Look-up: an individual who has an active employment status; specifically designed to determine employment status.
  • Offer Letter Start Date: first day new Adjunct Faculty member is required to be on campus.
  • Payroll Start Date: first day of the first pay month (e.g., if start date is in August, Payroll Start Date is September 1).

APOP Schedule

  • February 2, 2015: PeopleAdmin posting process starts
  • Spring 2015: new hires still go through existing process
  • Summer/Fall 2015: new hires go through APOP

Sample Timeline for Fall Hires



Hands-on training by school available and required for access to PeopleAdmin. Please contact Maggie Gonzalez to schedule training.

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