Hiring Temporary Staff

HR Options

HR Options is a national human resources organization that serves USF's temporary staffing needs and is located conveniently onsite. The HR Options staff consists of dedicated human resources, payroll, and IT professionals committed to delivering personal attention and human resources expertise for over 25 years.


Frequently Asked Questions for Hiring Managers

  1. What is your contact information?

    HR Options at USF
    Location: Lone Mountain Main, Room 145
    Phone: (415) 422-TEMP (8367)
    Email: tempstaffing@usfca.edu
    Website: www.hroptions.com
    Fax: 800-999-1116
  2. How does using a temporary staffing agency benefit the university?

    HR Options works with the university to recruit and develop a “pool” of qualified temporary staff based on hiring criteria that is of common value to the university. By outsourcing the employment of temporary staff, USF also outsources the employment liability, time and resources necessary to employ and pay temporaries. HR Options provides HR support for the temporary staff and administers all related employment benefits, including the various San Francisco benefit ordinances and HR Options' 401K program.

    Download HR Options FAQs for Hiring Temporary Staff >>
  3. What does HR Options provide for USF temporary staff?

    Individuals referred to HR Options become HR Options W-2 employees and, as such, receive:

    – Bi-weekly payroll direct deposits
    – Income tax withholding and a W-2
    – State unemployment insurance eligibility
    – Coverage under Workers’ Compensation insurance
    – Other statutory insurances
  4. How do I hire temporary staff through HR Options?

    You can request temporary staff from HR Options or refer temporary staff to HR Options by completing an online hiring form on the HR Options website.

    Refer a Temporary when you know who you’d like to hire, and want to refer that individual to HR Options to perform work at USF on HR Options’ payroll.

    Request a Temporary when you need HR Options’ assistance to recruit and place temporary staff on site with USF.

    Once you have completed the information online, HR Options will contact the hiring manager to confirm any necessary details before beginning the recruiting or hiring process.
  5. What if I am used to paying someone under the University’s former Stipend Policy or I want to hire someone who did not qualify under the University’s Independent Contractor qualifications?

    Under the additional pay policy, in lieu of paying a stipend to an employee for work performed, departments have the option of utilizing a temporary staff member employed through HR Options to perform the work. Workers who do not meet the qualifications to be classified as an Independent Contractor can also be referred to HR Options. HR Options is a preferred vendor for this purpose. Hiring temporaries with HR Options is simple, cost effective and flexible.
  6. What is the onboarding process for temporary staff?

    Once HR Options has confirmed the details of the assignment and the temporary staff member has been either referred or selected, HR Options will contact them by phone and extends a job offer. HR Options will then send a link to register on the HR Options webstation as an employee of HR Options. This link will allow the employee to complete new hire paperwork online and begin the background checking process.
  7. Will I be contacted when the temporary staff member has completed the registration process and is ready to start work?

    HR Options notifies USF supervisors when the temporary staff member has completed their onboarding process and is cleared to begin their assignment. HR Options will provide the temporary staff member and their direct supervisor with details about the HR Options webstation, where time worked is reported and approved online.
  8. How will USF approve hours worked?

    HR Options employees working temporary assignments at USF will submit time worked at USF on the HR Options webstation in accordance with a bi-weekly payroll cycle. USF supervisors will then be invited to register on the webstation with HR Options, if they have not previously registered. Once the employee submits their timesheet on the webstation, USF supervisors will receive an email to log in to the webstation to approve the time worked for payment.
  9. How are temporary staff paid?

    HR Options will process approved time on a bi-weekly basis, deducting the appropriate federal and state payroll taxes, and direct depositing payment to the employee’s account every other Friday.
  10. How will USF be invoiced for these hours?

    After University supervisor approval of individual time sheets submitted, HR Options will submit invoiced charges via Concur for Human Resource approval on a bi-weekly basis. Individual departments can log into e-print to view invoice details according to authorization levels. Inquiries regarding invoiced charges can be directed to HR Options.
  11. What is the mark-up cost associated with employing staff through HR Options?

    There are numerous mandatory statutory taxes and insurances that must be paid in order to comply with federal and state employment requirements (for example, Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment, Workers Compensation, General Liability, etc.). The current cost for referring an employee to perform office work at USF is 26% above what the employee receives in pay. The current cost for recruiting an employee (where HR Options recruits and places the temporary employee) to perform office work at USF is 35% above what the employee receives in pay. For all other employees in non-office-related positions and in locations outside of San Francisco, costs are adjusted up or down based on the type of work the employee is doing and the location where the work is performed.

    The University Budget Office is available to support departments with facilitating budget transfers associated with temporary staffing expenditures. For more information, please contact Sharon Li in the Office of Planning and Budget.