Information for EPAF Users

An Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) is an online form in Banner, the University's Administrative System Suite, that allows for paperless processing of job actions for employees. Visit the sub-pages below to find out more information for EPAF users. 

Quick Link Description
Announcements Learn about upcoming deadlines, new resources, etc.
New EPAF Users View training sessions, guides, FAQ, and other resources.
EPAF System Access All EPAF users must submit a security form before gaining access to the system.
EPAF Training Guides: General Information View various EPAF types and other information for initiating and approving EPAFs.
EPAF Training Guides for Initiators View step-by-step instructions for initiating each EPAF type.
EPAF Training Guides for Approvers View step-by-step instructions for approving each EPAF type.
Payroll Schedule and EPAF Approval Deadlines When submitting EPAFs, adhere to the submission schedule to ensure timely and accurate payroll for employees.