Information for New EPAF Users

Banner EPAF System Access

An Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) is an online form in Banner, the University's Administrative System Suite, that allows for paperless processing of job actions for employees. There are two types of EPAF users:

  • EPAF Initiators: create and void EPAF transactions but cannot approve EPAFs, and
  • EPAF Approvers: approve or acknowledge EPAF transactions and identify a proxy when unavailable to perform an action.

Before gaining access to the Banner EPAF system, both EPAF initiators and EPAF approvers must submit a completed security form:

Submit Security Form to Gain Access »


If you would like to request an EPAF training session, please contact

References and Guides

EPAF users can access the following references and guides to assist with submitting and approving EPAFs.  

EPAFs for Self or Relatives

EPAF users should not submit any EPAFs to affect their own or a family member's personnel record. Any EPAF that employees submit for themselves or a family member will be returned with a request that the EPAF be voided and that their proxy should re-submit it on their behalf. For more information about how to designate a proxy, please review the general information EPAF training guides.