Act as an EPAF Proxy Approver

Type General
Category EPAF Set Up
Updated 8/7/2017

Below is a guide that applies to acting as a proxy for approving Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAFs). Before you can act as a proxy, you must have completed any required training and submitted a completed security form, which provides access to the Banner EPAF system. Additionally, the original approver must first designate you as a proxy. Review the Designate a Proxy Approver guide for more information.

For more information about EPAFs, visit the Information for EPAF Users web page.


  • Log into myUSF
  • Click on the EMPLOYEE button in the Self-Service box, which enters you into Banner
  • Under the Employee tab, select EPAFs
  • Then select Act as a Proxy
2. From the Proxy For drop-down menu, select the individual for who you wish to be the proxy.

For the Submitted From Date and Submitted To Date fields, do one of the following:

  • Leave blank if you want to see all EPAFs that require this individual’s approval
  • Enter submission date parameters

Click Go.


You will have access to approve, acknowledge, or return EPAFs at the approval level for which you have been designated by the EPAF Approver.