EPAF Types and Definitions by Approval Category

Type General
Category EPAF References
Updated 8/7/2017
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Each type of Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) below is currently in use. If you are an EPAF initiator or approver, use the appropriate EPAF depending on the desired function. For more information, click on the links below to access the training guide for a particular EPAF, or visit the Information for EPAF Users web page.

Student Assignments

EPAF Type Definition Function
STUREH Student Hire Applies to creation of any student hourly assignment.
STULBR Student FOAP Change Applies to updating FOAP for present and future pay periods.
STUADJ Student Adjustments Applies to modifying a Student Assignment.
STURAT Student Rate and Title Change Applies to modifying an hourly rate or title.
STUEND Student Termination Applies to terminating a student’s assignment.
STUSTP Student Non-Earnings Payment Applies to creating a non-earnings payment for a student.

Faculty and Staff Assignments

EPAF Type Definition Function
STAFF Staff Assignments Applies to creating a new primary or adding an additional overload assignment within the same e- class.
SALRAT Annual Salary/ Rate/ FTE Change Modifies any of the fields of an employee’s assignment such as Annual Salary, Regular Rate, and/or FTE.
FOAPAL FOAPAL change Designates a new account funding from which an employee’s pay is deducted, specifically modifications to any of the FOAP fields of an employee’s assignment.
TERMA Termination of Assignment Terminates an employee’s current assignment from a specific department.
TERME Termination of Employment Officially terminates an employee from USF.
ADJUST Adjustments Modifies an existing or active assignment (i.e. job title change, rate, salary, FTE, etc.) with a retroactive date.
ECLASS E-class Transfer When an employee leaves an assignment in one E-class and begins a new assignment in another E-class (e.g. a student employee, with E-class BB, transitioning into an hourly staff position, with E-class WA).
RE-HIR Employee Rehire Applies to any assignment submitted for a former USF employee.
NEWHIR Staff Pre-Hire Onboarding Applies to creating a new hire assignment for a Staff Employee. Refer to HR Employment's SPOP for more information.
FACASG Faculty Assignment Applies to creating a new primary assignment or within the same E-class.
FACLEV Leaves Applies to modifying an employee’s assignment due to a leave status.
PTFALL Adjunct Fall Applies to creating a Adjunct Fall Assignment.
PTSPRG Adjunct Spring Applies to creating a Adjunct Spring Assignment.
PTINTR Adjunct Intersession and Summer                                                                  Applies to creating a Adjunct Intersession Assignment.

Additional Pay and Non-Earnings Assignments

EPAF Type Definition Function
APNON Additional Pay Non-Teaching Assignment Assigns an employee a paid non-teaching assignment, assignment performed for another department, or out-of- class pay assignment.
APSTWT Additional Pay Staff Who Teach (GG or LL) Assigns an exempt staff member a teaching course.
ADPYST Additional Pay Non-Earnings Payment Applies to non-earnings payment to a staff or faculty member per the additional pay policy. Examples of which are housing allowances, uniform allowances, or one-time merit award type payments.
APFAOL                                                                           Additional Pay Faculty Overload (AA or TT)                                                                     Assigns a Full Time Faculty member additional pay for teaching a course beyond a fully assigned teaching load.