School of Management Immersions

Participate in a rich, global experience and gain an unparalleled cultural understanding of business practices.

Academic Global Immersions (AGI) is a course designed to enhance your skills as a successful manager in today’s global business environment. Academic Global Immersions offer an experience-based course that prepares you for leadership roles where you will engage with people and institutions around the globe.

Travel abroad and participate in projects that will enhance your entrepreneurial experience and prepare you to operate in a more just world of cultural understanding.

What are AGIs?

Academic Global Immersions are offered in January, March, May or June Trips and courses are led by School of Management professors Visit foreign companies and gain a first-hand perspective on their operations and business culture. Be guided through the complexities of international business travel by an experienced professor. Past trips have taken USF students to China, Dubai, London, Rome, South America, Spain, Switzerland, and Washington D.C.

*Each year there are a variety of short-term immersions planned, some open to all USF Students, and others for specific schools or student's year of study. Academic Immersions are a collaboration between the different schools and the Center for Global Education.

It is extremely valuable for students to understand the cultural challenges and opportunities around the world, and what it is for international companies. Through conversations with business executives, the students can try to bridge the gap between what they learn in the classroom and the implications these things have in the real world, the gap between an abstract concept and a place in reality.

- Mouwafac Sidaoui, Professor