AGI Shanghai

Program Info. 

  • Profs. Liang Wang and Roger Chen
  • Course name: AGI - China Innovation and Global Integration
  • Date: May 20-26 2019.
  • Cost: $950
  • Units: 2
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Course Details.

China Innovation and Global Integration AGI is designed for students to develop a holistic view of China’s rise as a technology and innovation powerhouse and the global impacts, with a focus on the challenges of and strategies for Chinese multinational corporations (MNCs) that innovate to compete in the global markets. This is a special China Business course.

Students will participate in the conference in various sessions, including attending keynote speeches, panels, workshops, executive cafes, company visits, receptions and gala dinners among others. In this study trip course, students will have opportunities to engage in discussions and dialogues during the conference. They will also have opportunities to network with leading scholars, experts, business executives, etc.

Before the study trip, we will hold a few classes and these classes which will prepare students for the basic understanding of the Chinese economy and business, allow students to work on pre-trip assignments and prepare for the trip. After the study trip, we will have a summary and reflection class to help students synthesize and share their learnings, thus to develop a more sophisticated understanding of the Chinese economy and business practices.