International Leadership Seminar: Becoming a Global Citizen - Salzburg, Austria

Where You Stand Determines What You See --and How You Lead

Program Information:

  • Walt Gmelch ( and Noah Borrero ( 
  • Course name: 
    • Undergraduate:  INTD-395-01  Special Topics:  Global Citizenship (2-3 Semester Credit Hours)
    • Graduate:  O&L-600/700-01  Special Topics:  Global Citizenship
      (2-3 Semester Credit Hours)
  • Date: May 20-29, 2019
  • Cost: Tuition + $750 Program Fee (flights not included in program fee)
  • Deposit by: March 1st
  • Application Process:
    • Early Application Due Feb.
    • Application Deadline: Feb. 15
    • Review of Applications
    • Interviews: February 19-20

What to expect in this Immersion

Morning classes will explore social and global issues from a non-American perspective, including Mapping Ethnocentrism, The Role of Globalization, and Creating Inclusive Societies.

Classes conducted by international scholars. Afternoons will
include team projects, guest lectures, and cultural activities.

Reasons to participate:

  • Exposure and interaction with cultures.
  • Build strong leadership and international skills for the future.
  • Gain ideas for future scholarships and internships.
  • Networking, scholarship opportunities with international peers.
  • Ability to understand a different culture aids in workplace cohesion
  • Employers seek students with global experience and multicultural understanding.