Past Student's Experiences

Each year students that go on Arrupe Immersions share their experiences through written reflections, photographs, and videos. You can explore previous Immersion's experiences by year

2018 Arrupe Immersions

Migration, Borders and Transnational Communities. Puebla, Mexico.


Migration and Restorative Justice. The Dominican Republic.

For me, the past week in the Dominican Republic has been one of the most impactful moments of college so far. No matter how many attempts I make to put my experience into words, I can only barely scratch the surface of what I saw, learned and felt for those seven days. The organizations we worked with, specifically, has opened my eyes to the injustices and effects of colorism and discrimination outside of the United States. Despite how beautiful the country is and all the tourism it attracts, the underlying racial injustices are still rampant in the country. We’ve learned that something as simple as spreading the word can make a monumental difference.

Alene, Dominican Republic Arrupe Immersion, 2018


I am honored and grateful that I got to experience the Dominican Republic in the way that I did. The tourism industry and the public Dominican understanding of history and politics don’t address the experiences faced by marginalized people/communities such as migrant sugar workers and Dominicans of Haitian descent. Learning from members was a transformative experience as I learned about their resistance, involvement, and fight towards the recognition and security of human rights. I was impacted on many intra- and interpersonal aspects. My understanding of immersion, accompaniment, leadership, and community has expanded, and I am even more passionate about my areas of study.

Dalia, Dominican Republic Arrupe Immersion, 2018 


2017 Arrupe Immersions